Hi, I'm Rachel!

Hi, I'm Rachel!

Let me introduce myself...

I am a 2nd grade learning support teacher and an adjunct professor for Masters special education courses.


I spent my first seven years teaching kindergarten through fourth grade learning support….all at the same time. With way too many grades and way too many students, I was well on my way to burn out. 


Thankfully, in 2020 I got to spend time home with my family and realized I needed a change. So now, I set boundaries, I keep work at work, and I am present wherever I am.

Let me help!

Over here, I am trying to help all teachers save time by getting organized. When I had a caseload close to 30 across 5 different grade levels, I needed to save time any way I could if I ever wanted to be home in time to my little girls to sleep.


I want to share what I have learned so that less teachers burn out and more champions can stay in the field.

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