what gift do teachers really want

What Gift do Teachers Really Want?

what is a good teacher gift for christmas

What do teachers really want for this holiday season? If you are searching for the best teacher gift ever, it can be hard to know where to start! Our teachers work so hard to support our children’s needs every single day. While gifts are not expected, they are definitely appreciated. 

So what is a good teacher gift for Christmas? Well, that depends! Do you know what your child’s teacher likes? Are they obsessed with Starbucks? Have you run into them at Target on multiple occasions? Maybe a gift card would be a good option! 

Do you know that your child’s teacher has plants all over the classroom? They would likely love to add to their collection! Ask your child for some ideas! Maybe the teacher loves MMs, coffee, or Finding Nemo. Find something related to their interests. Does that sound a little complicated? Then, check out the gift guide below for more ideas!

In this post, I’ll share:

  • What gift do teachers really want for the themselves
  • What is a good teacher gift for Christmas for the classroom
best teacher gift ever

What gift do teachers really want for themselves?

First, teachers have so many things to carry into school each day. Help them carry all their things in style with this trendy leather shoulder bag. This versatile piece could be worn as a shoulder purse, tote bag or backpack.

I have one of these and love it! We are all trying to make healthier choices and this stackable lunch container makes it easier to prep a salad each day. With separate compartments, your ingredients will stay fresh until you are ready to mix it. No more soggy salads!

These huge totes are life-savers! Whether she is carrying home crafts to prep, tests to grade, or supplies for a party, she can fit whatever she needs in this collapsible tote. I use mine for grocery shopping too!

If your teacher is a trendy lady, she will love this fanny pack. It is perfect for wearing as a crossbody and carrying her phone, keys, and maybe even a few bandaids.

Also, this cell phone holder is a great addition to a teacher desk. She can prop her phone up so she can still see notifications, use it as a calculator, or play soothing music!

Dr. Jody Carrington and Laurie McIntosh are helping teachers pull the pieces of the educational system after the global pandemic by reminding them that teachers are a powerful force in shaping our wonderful. This book is a game changer.

I can guarantee that your child’s teacher spends quite a bit each year on Amazon for things for their classroom. Ask if they have an Amazon Wishlist or offer an Amazon gift card to help!

This is the best teacher gift ever for those cold winter months! Help your child’s teacher enjoy a warm soup or leftovers with this cute mini CrockPot.

Does your child’s teacher go out to recess? Help them stay warm with these wool gloves. The best part is that they have Smart Touch!

So many teachers are using these wireless doorbells as a way to get students’ attention in the classroom. It can be used to make an announcement or signal a transition. The bell is small enough to wear around her lanyard!

This smaller Echo Dot is a game changer for teachers! You can use it to play music, set timers, or even ask Alexa information. It can be so incredibly helpful for the busy classroom.

What is a good teacher gift for Christmas for the Classroom?

First, these erasable colored pencils are perfect for making anchor charts! She can erase if she makes a mistake and be able to save the chart she spent a ton of time creating.

These are definitely my favorite pens! They write so smoothly and come in so many beautiful colors. Your child’s teacher will be so glad to not have to grade everything in red ink anymore.

Have you heard of Smencils yet? These are the ultimate classroom store prize. Also, these scented pencils are the latest hot item for the classroom. Students are obsessed so that makes this the best teacher gift ever!

These are the best markers for making anchor charts (fancy posters that teach important skills). Not only are they bright but they are also scented! Your child’s teacher will be so grateful to receive these!

We all know how important these are! When you need a permanent marker, there is nothing that can do in place of a Sharpie. Help a teacher out by getting the 4 pack since these precious markers are a hot commodity.

Dry-erase markers are another highly desired item for the classroom. Since most schools only buy limited colors, you can make your child’s teacher look so cool by having the whole rainbow of Expo markers.

These mini Post-it Notes are a huge help in the classroom. They are great for labeling copies, keeping notes on students, or even as little book marks. With this pack, it will be a long time before she runs out again.

This magnetic organizer is probably my favorite thing on this list. It holds my Expo marker, pointer, and Post-it notes all at the front of my whiteboard. Ultimately, this is a great gift for the teacher who loves organization.

These larger Post-it Notes are great for note taking and list making. I can guarantee your child’s teacher sits in a bunch of meetings. These Post-it Notes are great for keeping track of the most important takeaways from the meeting.

No matter what you decide, your child’s teacher will be grateful for any form of recognition. Some of my favorite gifts were handwritten notes about the impact I had on students. Take a few extra minutes this holiday season to thank a teacher!

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